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Fire Knock Out being used to tackle a Car Fire
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Your Protection… Our Passion.

The waste management industry operates in a high risk environment, where large accumulations of flammable materials and high energy processes come together. This creates an environment that requires unique fire safety solutions from a specialist company that understands your needs.  

At Blazequel we’ve got a unique portfolio of fire safety solutions for all types of application.  Whether you need a system to protect your building, a specific process or even the plant machinery you operate, Blazequel have the solutions for your safety.

Contact us today on 01234 357357 to discuss your requirements in more detail with our friendly and professional team!

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Blazequel have launched a unique guide to fire safety solutions for the waste management industry - bridging the gap between guidance notes such as WISH and the practical implementation of a suitable fire safety system!

This invaluable resource is free to all companies operating in the waste management industry, so follow the link below or give us call on 01234 357357 to request your copy!

Click here to download your FREE Guide>>