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Lithium-ion Batteries - Causes and Dangers of Thermal Runaway

Fire Alarm Panel maunfacturer Advanced secured the prestigious FM APPROVED diamond for quality

Tamar House sprinkler system activation allows all residents to evacuate the 17-story building

Common causes of vehicle fires and comparisons between detection and suppression methods

The secrets of effective suppression, and a system using atomisation for greater effect

How to detect a fire risk in transit - Don't be caught out by a fast-moving fire

Thermal Imaging - outdoor fire detection, and a pre-emtive warning of a developing fire. But beware of the pitfalls!

Stratification is a major fire detection issue facing all high-level buildings, but Blazequel has the answer!

BRE Staffroom Fire Demonstration, showing the speed and destructive force of a small fire which isn't stopped in its early stages.

Araani Video Smoke Detection is the world's leading solution for high risk applications or high-roofed buildings.

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