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Blazequel are the UK & Ireland distributors of the DAFO Forrex system, designed specifically to protect vehicle engine bays from the risk of a fire.  To visit our product page, please click the link below:

DAFO Vehicle Fire Suppression System



Anywhere that an internal combustion engine operates, there is a multitude of fire risks. From plant machinery to industrial generators and road going public transport vehicles. There is a common risk of fire.  Overworked components, accumulation of dust or just a freak accident such a hydraulic or diesel line piercing, the risk of fire is ever present.

When you rely on your operations-critical equipment on a daily basis, you need to ensure that it’s properly protected.  That’s why you need the DAFO Forrex Vehicle Fire Suppression System. To give you the ultimate protection at great value for money.



The DAFO Forrex system is one of the world’s leading solutions for vehicle fire suppression.

With an exhaustive list of quality accreditations and a proven record of reliability in even the harshest environments, you can be confident that the DAFO Forrex system will give you the protection you deserve.

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