Operations are king in the manufacturing sector. Downtime equals unhappy customers, reputational damage and even a loss of contracts. You need to have reliable, preventative fire protection solutions in place to prevent your worst nightmare coming true.

When every minute of production time lost comes directly off your bottom line, you need to ensure that you have reliable, fault free fire protection that you can entrust with your companies safety.

We specialize in providing reliable and robust solutions for all types of manufacturing and engineering applications, backed up by excellent customer service and fast response times.

Whether you need a fire alarm system, process fire suppression or a building fire sprinkler system, Blazequel can provide you with a one-stop-shop fire safety solution to save you time and hassle.  Every application is different and we’ll provide you with a reliable solution which is tailored to your own unique requirements.

Below are some examples of how we’ve helped other companies in the engineering and manufacturing sectors, saving them time, money and making their premises safer.