The Waste Management Industry is a uniquely high risk sector, working in harsh operating conditions. At Blazequel, we provide solutions that are up to the job.

The waste management industry operates in a high fire risk environment, creating an environment that requires unique fire safety solutions. As a result, you need a specialist company that understands your needs.

At Blazequel we’ve got a unique portfolio of fire safety solutions for all types of risk areas  – Protecting your Processes, Facilities and Mobile Plant machinery.  We assist waste management companies of all sizes and sectors (including Biomass, MRF’s, EFW facilities etc) to protect their facilities and assets from the risk of fire.

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Blazequel’s Solutions


Fire Fighting Equipment

From fire extinguishers, through to pumped fire hose reels and our unique skip fire blanket, Blazequel have the solutions to enable you to deal with small fires swiftly and safely, before it develops into a devastating inferno.

Fire Extinguishers

It is absolutely critical that you have the right fire extinguishers onsite to enable you to quickly tackle a small fire before it develops into a major incident.

You also need to ensure your extinguishers are properly protected from damage – make sure you install them in cabinets where required.

Waste Management Facility Fire Hose Reels

Fire Hose Reels are a great way to tackle larger fire risks from a safe distance, where the ‘first-aid’ approach of using fire extinguishers simply isn’t up to the job.  In waste recycling environments, you need an solution that can deliver large quantities of liquid from a safe distance, due to the potential fire load in the area and the speed at which a waste fire can spread.

We’ve installed multiple fire hose reel systems for our clients, using booster pumps and tanks to compensate for low water-pressure.

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Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

In waste management environments it’s  to ensure that a fire risk is detected as early as possible – ensuring that the fire is tackled before it has time to develop into a deep-seated blaze.

We specialize in providing fire detection solutions for waste recycling facilities. Choosing the right solution is essential, because the harsh environment can destroy an unsuitable detection system in a matter of months, wasting ££££’s of investment and causing false alarms.

Whether you require a maintenance quotation on an existing system or a whole new fire detection solution, contact us today to discuss your requirements, or check out the product links below to find out more about the various detection options for your facility.

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Video & Thermal Fire Detection Systems

Video and Thermal fire detection systems are superb solutions for the complex fire risk environments found in the waste management industries.

Unlike many fire detection systems, they are suitable in almost any environment – particularly the following types of risk area:

  • Outdoors
  • In well ventilated or high level buildings where standard detection systems would take a long time to activate;
  • In dusty risk areas;
  • In large, open areas.

What makes Video Fire Detection better than standard detection systems for Waste Management Facilities?

One of the key benefits is that rather than waiting for the smoke or heat of a fire to trigger the fire detection system, the VFD system is able to detect a fire within seconds of it being visible.

Other benefits include:

  • You are instantly able to get visual confirmation of the detected risk from the control room where the video images are displayed like a CCTV system.
  • This visual verification means that you can monitor the risk area remotely, giving you an enhanced level of protection outside working hours.
  • A single camera can cover a very large area – ideal for bigger risk areas. This also makes installation quick and hassle-free compared to some more complex fire detection systems.

What is the difference between Video and Thermal Fire Detection?

Video fire detection monitors the visual image of the risk area for visible signs of a fire. Usually in waste recycling applications it’s best to only look for flames, as smoke may be simulated by dust or steam movement and cause a false alarm.

Thermal fire detection uses thermal imaging to read the surface temperature of the risk area, identifying rapid increases in heat as well as the attainment of pre-set ‘danger temperature’ thresholds. This helps you monitor for risks such as a developing hotspot, whilst also activating if it detects the heat of a fire.

The best fire detection systems for waste recycling applications combine the two technologies into a single camera, giving you the ability to accurately detect smoke and flames, whilst giving you the pre-emptive protection of Thermal imaging in waste storage areas. The thermal imaging feature allows the system to check the temperature of an identified fire risk to ensure that it has sufficient heat for a fire – preventing the risk of false alarms.

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Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems

In the high fire risk environment of waste recycling, automatic fire extinguishing is an essential part of protecting your company from a devastating fire.

Tackling the fire whilst it is small is critical to preventing a major fire incident, due to the ability of the fire to travel deep under the surface in large piles of waste once a fire has become a deep seated incident. A speedy response will limit the volume of water required to fight the fire, therefore minimizing run-off and facility downtime.

We’ve got a range of different systems for all types of application, so please give us a call to discuss your requirements.  Whether you need to protect your entire facility or just a specific high risk process, Blazequel have the solutions for your safety.

Below are some of the most common system types for waste recycling applications.

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Deluge Systems
  • CAFS Foam Systems
  • Water Mist Suppression Systems

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Automatic Water Cannons

This unique fire prevention and suppression solution gives your Waste Management facility an unrivalled level of protection from fire. A highly sophisticated thermal imaging system scans the entire risk area for signs of a fire or a developing hotspot.

Once a risk is identified, the automatic water cannons self-align with the detected risk and begin discharge. This targeted approach to extinguishing means that less water is used to a much greater effect, as the system is specifically targeting the identified point of risk.

The system will also activate far more swiftly than other building protection systems – sprinkler systems for instance will require an established fire to trigger discharge whereas the Detect and Protect system proactively monitors the risk for the first signs of a fire risk!

Large area coverage with oscillating camera system

This unique system has a automatically rotating camera system, allowing a single camera mounted on a motorised chassis to cover a huge panoramic area as seen below. The camera stitches these images together and monitors for a sudden increase in temperature or detection of a dangerously high heat level, whereupon it will raise the alarm and trigger the automatic extinguishing systems.

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