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The Waste Management Industry is a uniquely high risk sector, working in harsh operating conditions. At Blazequel, we provide solutions that are up to the job.

The waste management industry operates in a high fire risk environment, creating an environment that requires unique fire safety solutions. As a result, you need a specialist company that understands your needs.

At Blazequel we’ve got a unique portfolio of fire safety solutions for all types of risk areas  – Protecting your Processes, Facilities and Mobile Plant machinery.  We assist waste management companies of all sizes and sectors (including Biomass, MRF’s, EFW facilities etc) to protect their facilities and assets from the risk of fire.

Please get in touch today to discuss your requirements.  Our experienced team are always on-hand to provide advice and information to ensure you get the best protection possible.


Download your Guide – ‘Fire Safety for the Waste Management Industry’

Download our free guide for Waste Management Fire Safety to help you make the correct fire safety decisions for protecting your facility and assets.  Ensure you have the the correct protection, that won’t be destroyed by the harsh operating environment of the waste sector!

Or, contact us today to discuss your fire protection needs.

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Download our FREE Guide to Fire Safety for the Waste Management Industry! This fantastic resource will enable you to make accurately informed decisions about your fire safety onsite.

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How operations-critical are your electrical cabinets? In this day and age, many processes would grind to a halt in an electrical failure. Make sure your cabinets are sufficiently protected in case something goes wrong. See contact details below for advice or to discuss our solutions! #FireSafe

Tel: 01234 357357
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What fire safety measures do you have for your process line machinery? A fire suppression system could only be a small percentage of the cost of the machinery, but helps protect your investment, quickly and effectively tackling the risk before it gets out of control. An fire extinguisher or fire alarm is dependent on someone being there at the crucial moment. Call is today on 01234 357357 to stay #FireSafe ... See MoreSee Less

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The Silent Killer - CO - Carbon Monoxide. This by-product of burning poses a unique risk as it:
1. Is invisible
2. Has no smell
3. Is very hard to detect

Symptoms of poisoning include headaches, dizziness, nausea, collapse, paralysis and ultimately death. Summertime barbecues can be an unexpected cause of CO poisoning, if used in confined or insufficiently ventilated areas.
Download our guide to help you stay safe -
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67% of major fires in the UK occur after 6pm. If you continue processing during the night with only a skeleton staff, enhanced means of fire detection is critical, and automatic fire suppression should also be considered. To find out more about our solutions, select the following link #FireSafe ... See MoreSee Less

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67% of all major fires occur at times when buildings are closed or unoccupied – after 6pm.
Fire alarms and security systems are brilliant… but what if nobody is onsite to hear them? Get 24/7 fire and intruder monitoring with Blazequel for peace of mind - 365 days a year. #FireSafe
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