Fire Triangle

The Fire Triangle refers to the three-sided diagram showing the critical components required for the chemical reaction of fire.

This diagram lays the basis for all fire lighting and fire extinguishing techniques.  If all three components (Heat, Oxygen and Fuel) are combined in sufficient quantities, combustion instantly occurs.  However, if at least one of the components are removed, the chemical reaction can no longer continue and the fire is extinguished.

All fire fighting agents seek to remove at least one side of the triangle.  Water-based agents remove the heat from the fire. Powder and gaseous agents dispel the oxygen and suffocate the fire.  Aerosol agents attack the free radicals and starve the fire of fuel.

However, more advanced systems such as Water Mist Suppression systems primarily removes the heat but, due to processes during discharge, the volume of steam produced dispels the oxygen from the area.  This removes two sides of the Fire Triangle and reduces the possibility of re-ignition, ensuring complete extinguishment and making this system extremely effective.

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