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Waste Management Fire Safety

Download your copy of this invaluable guide to fire safety at Waste Management facilities to keep yourself, your colleagues and your company safe from the risk of a devastating fire!

The waste management industry is a high fire risk marketplace.

Fire is probably the only occurrence that could totally destroy your company in a matter of minutes. That’s why it’s essential that you have the right fire safety solutions to protect your company while ensuring you can find affordable insurance.

As specialists in fire safety solution for the waste industry we understand the risks that make fire safety so complex for the waste industry. We’ve created this invaluable guide to help you understand the solutions that are available to make you safer, and their suitability for the unique environment of waste processing facilities.

The guide includes:

  • Protecting yourself against the key fire risks highlighted in the WISH guidelines
  • Fire Detection Systems, including Video Fire Detection
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • Vehicle Fire Protection Systems
  • New Fire Safety Innovations for the Waste Industry
  • And much more…

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…some more details about exactly what this invaluable guide includes

Solutions to the key fire risks referenced in WISH

There is lots of excellent resources available to help you understand and manage the fire risks at your waste recycling facility…. but nothing to assist you in choosing the right fire safety solution to protect yourself.

Our FREE Guide fills the gap, ensuring you have the information you need to make informed decisions about how to protect your company from the risk of fire, keeping you safer at work!

Waste Management Fire Detection

Choosing the right fire detection system is particularly complex for waste recycling applications.

Dust, dirt and a corrosive environment often combine to render conventional detection systems dysfunctional, whilst the high fire risk environment often means that specialist solutions are required.

The invaluable guide will help ensure that you understand the suitability of your fire detection system to protect yourself, your colleagues and your

Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems

Automatic fire extinguishing systems are high value investments, often absolutely critical to ensuring the safety of your facilities and the personnel who work in them.

Whether you’re protecting your entire facility or simply a operations critical process or asset, it’s essential that you understand the solutions available and their suitability for your unique application.

Download our free guide to ensure you can make accurately informed decisions to avoid costly mistakes!

Vehicle & Plant Machinery Fire Protection

Vehicle & Plant Machinery fire protection is a key consideration when assessing your fire safety policy. Engine bays are an ever-present fire risk, with a complex array of potential fire risks and ignition sources that threaten the safety of your machine and it’s operator.

An engine bay fire can threaten not just the mechanical asset itself, but also the entire area it is operating in. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that the
solution you choose is suitable for the application.

In this section you’ll learn about what type of system and extinguishing agent is most suitable to protect your assets!


Waste Management Fire Safety Guide

Case Study

When Viridor needed to protect their waste transfer station in Earls Barton, they turned to Blazequel to design a solution that would protect this high risk area.

As this facility processes paper waste, any fires had to be swiftly detected to protect this high risk area.

Operations continued as normal during the installation, with our team liasing with the site to ensure that any disruption was minimised as much as possible.

The management and operations team onsite were delighted with the smooth and professional way the project was coordinated and are now engaging with Blazequel for all their fire protection requirements onsite.


Unique fire risks require unique solutions…

As noted above, the waste industry is a high fire risk that requires specialist fire protection solutions, capable of operating in a uniquely dusty and hostile operating environment..

That’s why you also need a specialist fire safety supplier, who understands the dangers faced in the industry and the best ways to guard against them protecting you and your business from the ever-present risk of fire.

At Blazequel, we provide one-stop-shop solutions for all of your fire and security requirements saving you time, hassle and money. Click on the images below to find out more about our most popular services, or call our friendly team on 01234 357357 to discuss how we could help make you safer too!


Waste Management Fire Safety Guide