Fire Safety at Schools & Education Facilities – Top Ten Tips

Fire safety

This guide is to share the wealth of knowledge we have in relation to fire safety in the education sector. This is to help make it easy for you to stay fire safe at school.

This guide covers our Top Ten Tips for Schools to ensure you haven’t missed off any of the really important, but easily overlooked facets of fire safety in the education sector. It provides actionable points and insights to keep you safe and legal at school without eating into your busy schedule.

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Vehicle Fire Protection – Free Guide

This handy and informative guide will help you understand the science behind a vehicle fire suppression system to enable you to choose the solution that’s right for your company – without relying on a salesman’s patter!

Find out why you need to follow the Swedish Standard for vehicle fire protection (there isn’t a British one, and without a benchmark you won’t be able to judge the effectiveness of a system) and understand how the different extinguishing agents will (or won’t) put out a fire.

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Fire Door Maintenance – FREE Checklist

This handy guide and record sheet will help you carry out the required maintenance checklists on your fire doors to ensure that you’re compliant with current fire door safety legislation and that you personally (as the Responsible Person) are meeting your fire safety obligations under the Regulatory Reform Order, 2005.

Waste Management Fire Safety Guide

Waste Management is one of the highest fire risk industry’ is designed to help you make the right decisions about fire safety at your facilities – 1.

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Fire is probably the only occurrence that could totally destroy your company in a matter of minutes. That’s why it’s essential that you have the right fire safety solutions to protect your company while ensuring you can find affordable insurance.

Implementing the right fire safety strategy for your waste recycling facility can be complex, as there are so many factors you need to consider – including your processes, operating conditions, complying with your FPP (Fire Prevention Plan) and ensuring you have flexibility for a change in your processes or long-term requirements.

We provide fire protection services for many leading waste recycling operators, across all types of processes (from Biomass, through to MRF’s and EFW facilities).  From our deep understanding of the industry, we’ve created this invaluable ‘Waste Management Fire Safety Guide’ to help you understand the fire safety solutions that are available to make you safer – and their suitability for the unique environment of waste processing facilities.

The guide includes:

  • Protecting yourself against the key Waste Management Fire Safety risks highlighted in the WISH guidelines
  • Waste Management Fire Detection Systems, including Video Fire Detection
  • Waste Management Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • Vehicle Fire Protection Systems
  • New Fire Safety Innovations for the Waste Industry
  • And much more…

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Carbon Monoxide Safety Guide

This handy guide will help you protect yourself and your colleagues from the risks of carbon monoxide  – the UK’s top poison which claims over 50 lives every year.