Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

The ONLY extinguisher you need! Water Mist is so versatile that it can fight almost any workplace fire risk, including electrical and cooking fat fires.

The water mist can fight almost every fire that most people will ever encounter, from electrical equipment, right through to the notoriously dangerous chip pan fires – Water Mist does it all! The secret lies behind patented technology that emits the water as a fine mist – enveloping and smothering the fire while also absorbing the heat from the fire – giving a cooling effect to prevent re-combustion.

Water Mist is a great choice for office environments, kitchen environments and almost every other standard workplace fire risk.   Rolling out Water Mist as your only extinguisher onsite will save you hassle and makes training easier, so download the attached brochure for more information on this superb product.

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