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Many of our management team have a lifetime’s experience in working with all manner of fire safety systems and as electrical contractors, which gives us a unique ability to provide reliable and top quality solutions for all of your fire alarm and electrical requirements. From design and installation through to testing, maintenance and repairs, Blazequel have the solutions for your safety.
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Lockdown Alarms

School Lockdown systems are becoming increasingly in demand. There are many reasons why a school of education facility will be required to lock dow...

Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms are essential for the protection of Life and Property, so you need to have a BAFE Approved fire alarm partner you can trust. Whether y...

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting is a critical part of your fire safety evacuation plan, and should be installed and maintained by properly competent individual...

Electrical Services & Systems

Our team of experienced electricians and test engineers are able to provide all forms of electrical testing, and system installation.


Fire & Intruder Alarm Monitoring

You can’t be at work 24/7, 365 days a year. That’s no problem for your monitoring, which will immediately alert you if something goes ...

Security Solutions

Intruder Alarms, Access Control and CCTV systems are an essential part of protecting your company and your personnel onsite from intrusion and pers...

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  • Thermal Imaging Display
    31 Aug 2018
    Thermal Fire Detection

    Thermal Imaging - outdoor fire detection, and a pre-emtive warning of a developing fire. But beware of the pitfalls!

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  • 4 Apr 2018
    BRE Staffroom Fire Training Video

    BRE Staffroom Fire Demonstration, showing the speed and destructive force of a small fire which isn't stopped in its early stages.

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  • 31 Jul 2017
    Free Guide – Fire Extinguisher Compliance

    Are you sure that you're complying with all of your duties as the 'Responsible Person' for fire safety at your premises? This handy guide will help you ensure you're on the right side of the law, and that your fire extinguisher maintenance policies are up to speed.

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  • 3 May 2016
    New Landlord Legislation – CO Safety

    Do you rent or let a residential dwelling? If so, it's essential that you are aware of the latest Carbon Monoxide safety legislation which enforces that residential landlords must protect high risk areas of their properties with CO Detectors. Download our guide for more information!

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  • 3 May 2016
    Carbon Monoxide – the Silent Killer

    Carbon Monoxide is odorless, has no smell and is totally invisible... That's why it's essential that you're aware of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide to ensure you can keep yourself and those around you safe.

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