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An estimated 80% of workplace fires are extinguished using portable fire extinguishers, without the intervention of the fire service.

This startling statistic shows just how important it is to ensure you have the right extinguishers onsite, and that they’re properly maintained. It’s equally important to ensure that your staff are trained in their use, and the correct safety procedures to take in the event of a fire. When fire strikes, an instant and instinctive reaction is critical to ensuring that damage and downtime is minimized.

At Blazequel, we can assist with all of your fire extinguisher requirements, from Supply and Installation through to the Annual Maintenance of your equipment. Here’s our promises:
> Top Quality, Kitemarked equipment.
> BAFE Trained Engineers
> Pre-scheduled site visits. We’ll never turn up unannounced.
> No hidden costs, no nasty surprises

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Fire Extinguishers - Supply, Installation & Maintenance

Almost 80% of fires are extinguished by using portable fire fighting equipment. Make sure your extinguishers are in top working order all the time...

Types of Fire Extinguisher

Every fire risk is different and every site has different risks. The fire extinguishers at your premises should be specified and located according...

Water Mist Fire Extinguishers - NEW

One Extinguisher, that tackles almost every type of fire, including live electrics! Water Mist can make you safer, simplify your training and save...

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Consider this!

You have a state-of-the-art building that you have spent serious money renovating.

However, there’s one job that you forgot about – installing fire extinguishers throughout the building. This requires drilling holes in the walls, and you really don’t want to do that.

Blazequel’s Fire Extinguisher Stands to the rescue.
Free-standing, high quality and extremely durable, these are designed as a substitute for wall-mounted brackets.

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Electrical cabinets and server rooms are notoriously difficult to protect. This is due to the sensitive equipment characteristic of these environments.

However, in order for the common gas suppression systems often specified for this environment to work effectively, the room needs to be pressure tested. This is to ensure no air leakages which can compromise the system effectiveness. Building upgrades to ensure this can be costly, but there are other options available as well.

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In the event of a fire, the last thing that’s needed is a fire extinguisher to be missing or moved. Our lockable fire extinguisher cabinets and alarm devices prevent unauthorised persons removing the extinguisher.

This is especially critical in schools and health care facilities. Our extensive experience in these industries has proved this on many occasions.

For more information about our theft prevention devices, or to discuss your requirements, please call us on 01234 357357 or email

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Knowing fire extinguishers and their applications is vital for all on-site personnel. Using the wrong extinguisher can be incredibly dangerous, even deadly. Training is essential to understand this but, if in doubt, just get out!

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The Number 1 Fire Extinguisher - with the Water Mist Extinguisher, you can protect against almost every fire risk in the workplace, including Class A, B, C, F and Electrical fires!

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