Aerosol Fire Suppression - a cost-effective and reliable solution for the protection of almost any risk area, particularly Plant Rooms, Archive Stores, CNC Machines etc.

The Aerosol Fire suppression system is an innovative new technology. This technology is ideal for protecting almost any type of enclosed fire risk – quickly and cost effectively.

Hence, it is widely used in applications ranging from server rooms through to CNC machines even military vehicles! In sensitive server environments it can be an ideal alternative to a gaseous suppression system – an unaffordable (and unjustifiable) luxury for many companies.

What is it?

The aerosol fire suppression generators are non-pressurised cylinders.
On activation of the system, they eject their contents through a unique chemical reaction. This fills the protected area with billions of tiny airborne particles. These particles prevent the chemical reaction of fire from taking place.

What makes aerosol special?

Aerosol is unique if having no stored pressure, no complex pipework requirements, being very space efficient (no bulky cylinder banks) and in creating no pressure increases on activation.

Therefore, all these unique features drive down costs and makes your safety more affordable!

Are there any side- effects from the system?

Aerosol is harmless to electrical components, is non-toxic and does not deplete oxygen in the protected area.   In addition, the post-discharge residue does not cause respiratory issues.

However, it creates a white ‘cloud’ so potentially can cause obscuration and can leave a dusty residue after the area has been ventilated.

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    Did you know?

    Aerosol extinguishing agent particles are just 1-2 microns in size.  A human hair is 40-60 microns thick!

    This tiny size means that the particles can stay suspended in the air for hours after discharge.

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