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DAFO Forrex – Vehicle & Plant Machinery Fire Suppression

Mechanical machinery and vehicles always pose a fire risk whatever environment they are working in. The constant strain and vibration of operation inevitably creates wear and tear on components such as the hydraulics and diesel hoses. Consequently, this creates a situation that is just a disaster waiting to happen. A pinprick hole in a hydraulic hose can lead to a fire. This fire will swiftly spread if it remains undetected for the first crucial seconds. This is where the DAFO Forrex system can help.

The risk of fire is redoubled in bulk material processing environments, such as coalyard, ports and waste recycling. Here, there is the ever-present risk of flammable materials or a dust build up in the engine bay catching fire.

Fire suppression is an essential tool to protect your most valuable assets from the perils of fire. The Forrex system is a market leader in this specialist environment. With 40 years of development behind it, the Forrex system has been specifically designed to sustain the uniquely harsh environment of an engine bay and to successfully extinguish all types of engine bay fire, while removing the risk of re-ignition.

The Forrex system has been designed to have a remarkably long lifetime. This helps to ensure that the system you choose today will still be operational at the end of your machine’s lifetime. Other systems may be a cheaper short term alternative, but for a long term investment the Forrex offers unparalleled value for money!

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Did you know?

Within your engine bay, you could have temperatures of over 600⁰C…

>  Hydraulic Oil auto-ignites at 213⁰C

>  Diesel auto-ignites at 213⁰C

>  …and flammable solid materials have a whole range of ignition temperatures.

Your suppression system doesn’t just need to knock the flames out.  It also needs to cool the risk areas down to prevent re-ignition.

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