There's a fire. Electrical cut out. All the lights have gone out and you need to evacuate... That's why you have emergency lighting, and that's why your emergency lighting is so important.

Emergency lighting is an often neglected area of fire protection, but it shouldn’t be.  They are an essential part of your fire safety and evacuation strategy onsite, put in place to ensure that in the event of a fire you can still see your way to safety.

Despite this, we regularly take on the maintenance of emergency lighting systems, only to find many problems. These include faulty lights, broken lights, dysfunctional or incorrectly wired lighting circuits and other such issues. These issues would render your system useless in the event of a fire.

It’s essential that your emergency lights are regularly maintained to the appropriate standards. The best time to do this is when the fire alarm maintenance is done.  If you’ve got any questions about your emergency lighting requirements, or if you would like a quotation please contact us today and we’ll be delighted to help.

Don’t forget the weekly and monthly inspections that you should be doing in-house to ensure, as part of your duties as a ‘Responsible Person’. Download our records maintenance checklists to ensure you’re complying with fire safety legislation.

Emergency Lighting

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