If you ever need your extinguishers, you need them right away. It's not the right moment to find that they've been pinched, or worse still tampered with and totally useless...

In a fire, seconds count.  If you’re going to be able to safely tackle the fire before it grows to an uncontrollable blaze, you don’t have a second to waste.

That’s why the risk of extinguishers being accidentally damaged, tampered with, stolen or even just moved to the wrong location can have such dangerous implications.  However, we’ve got some simple and inexpensive solutions to this problem.

Fire Extinguisher Covers

These simple and effective covers aren’t just excellent for protecting your extinguisher from the environment it’s located in.  They are a brilliant deterrent to prevent your fire extinguisher from being tampered with.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

A robust cabinet will protect your extinguisher from all the abuse that mother nature, or just the daily hustle of your working environment can throw against it.  They are also an extremely effective deterrent against tampering or being moved for use as a doorstop.

If required, these cabinets can be fitted with an alarm to protect against intentional theft or vandalism.

For high-profile applications, our recessed cabinets are a perfect solution whilst complementing your decor.

Fire Extinguisher Alarms

This simple solution ensures that your fire extinguisher will never get moved except in an emergency!  When the extinguisher is removed, the alarm unit will trigger a ear piercing alarm which will make any would-be fire extinguisher walker think twice!

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