Your Fire Risk Assessment is the cornerstone of your fire protection measures and compliance onsite, so it's essential that it's professionally conducted and reviewed regularly.

Your Fire Risk Assessment is the foundation to your fire protection measures and compliance onsite, so it’s essential that its professionally conducted and reviewed regularly.

Our professional fire risk assessors have decades of practical fire safety experience  behind them , and will be able to provide you with a simple colour coded risk assessment so that action points are easily identifiable.


What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

Your Fire Risk Assessment is the document that summarises all of the key points of fire safety risk, prevention and strategy onsite. Our fire risk assessments are extremely popular and are presented in our own easy-to-use design format.  We’ve recreated the traditional risk assessment format to reflect a simple ‘traffic light’ colour coding. This makes it easy to identify key action points.  A summary of any actions required, along with appropriate images and a space to sign off the completed task makes our risk assessment format intuitive to use.


Why you need a Fire Risk Assessment

Every organisation needs a fire risk assessment. If you have less than 5 employees’ onsite, it doesn’t need to be a written document – however, if it’s not written you may have difficulty proving that it was ever completed if something ever goes wrong, and this could leave you open to legal disputes.

Almost anyone has a right to request to see your fire risk assessment when they visit your facility. If you have a fire or a visit from a fire officer it’s likely to be the first document that the fire service will ask to see when they arrive onsite, to give them an immediate summary of the risks and control measure present on your facility.

The Fire Risk Assessment is one of the first fire safety measures you should conduct and will act as an action plan for any further steps you may need to take.


How often should I do a Fire Risk Assessment?

The Fire Risk Assessment should be reviewed annually. In this review you should ensure that the issues raised in previous assessments have been addressed, have not reoccurred and that no further issues have arisen.

However, if there has been any substantial changes which could affect the circumstances upon which the assessment was based (e.g. change of use of the building/ a major shift in business operations) or building works etc that could affect escape routes, it should be reviewed sooner. It should also be reviewed if you have a fire.

Remember that the fire risk assessment is always an ongoing document. Although you should officially review it annually, you should stay vigilant and proactive at all times to minimise the risk of fire onsite. If you spot any deficiency, remember to record it and create an action plan to resolve or minimise the issue.

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