For an ever-changing outdoor facility or a shifting workface, Fire Rover On-Watch is the ideal detection solution.

Fire Rover On-Watch is a trailer-mounted Thermal Fire Detection unit, and powered by Battery, Solar  and Wind Power.  Operating independent of onsite services, it can be quickly and easily relocated to a vantage point over any target area of risk.  Simply attach the trailer to a towbar, drive it to its new position, set it up, and there you have it – a fully-operational, self-contained and effective detection system.

This is ideal for any remote application where installing a hard-wired or fixed system isn’t practical, including:

      • Landfill Pits
      • Open Storage/Processing Yards
      • Remote HWRC Facilities
      • Dockside Loading Areas
      • Train Terminals


Key Features

Fire Rover On-Watch comes with several key benefits:

      • Thermal Fire Detection – recognised throughout the industry as an effective detection technology for nearly all applications
      • Trailer-Mounted and Portable – ensure protection when and where it is needed most
      • Monitored by Trained Fire Rover Operators – visual verification to prevent false alarms
      • Battery Powered Unit – self-contained unit for remote applications
      • Charged by Solar Panels & Wind Turbine – powered by the environment

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