Gas Detection is an essential part of protecting yourself, your colleagues and your company from the risk of a gas related incident.

Gas Detection

Designed to detect toxic and flammable gases, gas detection systems help protect personnel from poisoning/asphyxiation and prevent gas explosions.

The only way that workplaces can identify gas leaks and potential threats is by using gas detectors. Therefore, they are required systems. They are extremely important and are a critical piece of safety equipment. The detection of oxygen deficiency, toxic gases and explosive atmospheres can all be read using gas detectors. Additionally, workers can be exposed to potentially damaging gases that can cause serious harm or even result in death without the required detectors in place.
For detecting gases that would not otherwise be smelled by humans in the workplace, gas detectors are an ideal solution. As a result, workers are provided with a greater level of protection from high risk situations.

Gases we can detect include the following:

Toxic Gases

Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Chlorine, Hydrogen, Hydrogen Cyanide, Hydrogen Chloride, Ammonia, Ozone, Ethylene Oxide, Phosphine and Carbon Dioxide.

Flammable Gases

Hydrogen, Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane, Pentane.

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Gas Detection Solutions

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