Gaseous Fire Suppression systems are ideal for protecting sensitive, high value and operations critical areas / equipment.

From server rooms to plant rooms, gaseous fire suppression systems are ideal for the protection of your most valuable assets.

There are many different types of Gaseous systems that Blazequel can design, install and maintain.  Each is perfect for its own unique application.  From a PAFSS system to protect a single switchboard through to a multiple cylinder system for a large server room, please contact us today to discuss your requirements in more detail.

When you have a gaseous suppression system such as Inert Gas (like Argonite or Inergen), or a Chemical Gas (such as FM200 and Novec 1230), you’ll also need an integrity test to prove the airtight qualities of the room.  If your room isn’t sufficiently enclosed, your system won’t work as too much gas will leak away.

If it isn’t possible to seal your room sufficiently, then you should consider the Victualic Vortex system.  This unique system uses an ultra-fine water mist combined with Nitrogen flooding and removes the need to have a certain integrity rating on your protected area.  It’s ideal for the retrospective protection of a server room or high value plant area.

Finally, you could consider having a Hypoxic air system.  This reduces the oxygen concentration within the risk area to below a level where fire can exist, but it’s still fine for human’s to breath. This is perfect for archive areas and server rooms where you don’t even want a fire to be able to start before extinguishing it!

Fire Suppression Solutions

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