HSSD (Aspirating Systems) are superb for protecting high risk, high value environments where early detection is essential. It's perfect for a range of complex environments, including server rooms, clean areas, and cold stores.

High Sensitivity Smoke Detection – (HSSD)

High Sensitivity Smoke Detection (HSSD) is the most sensitive form of smoke detection on the market. It is designed to give very early indication of an emerging fire condition. This pre-emptive warning provides the time necessary to take corrective action and avoid the danger that a fire can cause.  HSSD may sometimes be referred to as an ‘Aspirating System’,

Benefits of HSSD:

  • The incident can be dealt with through local corrective measures. For example, powering down equipment or use of portable fire extinguishers.
  • This helps to avoid the expense of automatic suppressant release, or downtime due to fire damage or evacuation.
  • Blazequel HSSD systems can be integrated into the main fire protection system, with subsequent levels of alarm being set for suppressant release or evacuation.
    How HSSD Works

HSSD systems comprise an Air Sampling Unit (ASU) from which air sampling pipework is routed throughout the protected area. This area can be as large as 2000 square metres.
Air is continuously drawn via apertures in the pipework to the ASU which uses laser technology to analyse the air quality. At commissioning stage, the programmable threshold levels are set giving the facility for a pre-alarm warning at a first threshold and full alarm at a second threshold.

Applications for HSSD include very high bay warehousing, environments which are subject to extremes of temperature, e.g. cold stores, and areas with rapid air movement such as air conditioning plenum chambers.

HSSD System

HSSD Fire Safety System

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    The many guises of HSSD....

    There are many names attributed to the humble HSSD system, including:

    >  Aspirating System

    >  Sniffing System

    >  VESDA (actually just an HSSD system brand)

    >  HSSD (High Sensitivity Smoke Detection)

    They are all exactly the same solution, and at Blazequel we’re happy to call them whatever you like!

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