Multisensor Smoke Heat Detectors

Multi-sensor Smoke & Heat Detectors

Multi-sensor Detectors are a combined optical smoke and heat detector allowing flexibility in the detection of fires. Using the combined detection method a fire condition can be confirmed if both heat and smoke sensors operate.

These Detectors are general purpose detectors which respond well to a wide range of fires. In some cases they can be mode selected for hours of occupation. Therefore, offering a even greater level of flexibility.

It is important to understand that not all fires are the same. Some, for example start off slow and smouldering. This type of fire produces more smoke and relatively little flame at first; this would be picked up by a Smoke Alarm but not so easily by a Heat Alarm. On the other hand, fast flaming fires with a corresponding fast rise in temperature would probably set off a Heat Alarm before a Smoke Alarm. By combining the two, a Multi-Sensor offers the best – and crucially the fastest – possible warning if there is a fire.

In a fire, every second counts and it’s vital to give people the earliest possible warning and the greatest time in which to escape. Therefore, the benefits to a multi-sensor system are obvious.

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Fire Extinguisher Theft and Tamper Protection

In a fire, seconds count.  If you’re going to be able to safely tackle the fire before it grows to an uncontrollable blaze, you don’t have a second to waste.

That’s why the risk of extinguishers being accidentally damaged, tampered with, stolen or even just moved to the wrong location can have such dangerous implications.  However, we’ve got some simple and inexpensive solutions to this problem.

Fire Extinguisher Covers

These simple and effective covers aren’t just excellent for protecting your extinguisher from the environment it’s located in.  They are a brilliant deterrent to prevent your fire extinguisher from being tampered with.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

A robust cabinet will protect your extinguisher from all the abuse that mother nature, or just the daily hustle of your working environment can throw against it.  They are also an extremely effective deterrent against tampering or being moved for use as a doorstop.

If required, these cabinets can be fitted with an alarm to protect against intentional theft or vandalism.

For high-profile applications, our recessed cabinets are a perfect solution whilst complementing your decor.

Fire Extinguisher Alarms

This simple solution ensures that your fire extinguisher will never get moved except in an emergency!  When the extinguisher is removed, the alarm unit will trigger a ear piercing alarm which will make any would-be fire extinguisher walker think twice!

D-Class Powder Fire Extinguisher

D Class Powder fire extinguishers are used for fighting metal fires. Whether it is an naturally reactive metal like potassium or just waste cuttings and swarf, metal fires are very dangerous and are easily spread by the use of a high pressure extinguisher.

D class powders have a specially formulated extinguishant to deal with the reactive properties of metal fires, and are easily distinguished by the Low Velocity Applicator – meaning that the powder gently falls onto the fire, while the operator stands at a safe distance.

M28 Powder is suitable for use on all metal fires except lithium, while L2 Powder can be used on all metal fires including lithium.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Wet Chemical fire extinguishers are a special innovation, specifically designed for the food/catering industry to deal with fat fires.

Although many people assume that fat fires can be tacked with water, the reality is very different – when the superheated fat comes into contact with cold water it produces a dramatic reaction – boiling so violently that the air is filled with burning fat particles. This can have serious effects on the user, causing terrible burns and sometimes even death.

When the wet chemical substance comes into contact with burning fat it forms a soap-like substance, creating a layer between the oil and the oxygen supply, restricting the release of flammable vapours. The extinguishant also cools the fat.

CO2 Fire Extinguisher

CO2 is the cleanest method of portable fire fighting on the market. It is literally dried ice, and fights the fire in two main ways.

The CO2 used as the extinguishing medium is Carbon Dioxide, stored under extreme pressure in the canister as a liquid, which discharges as a gas. CO2 suffocates the fire by the displacement/dilution of oxygen in the air. In addition to this, the extinguishing medium comes out at a temperature of -60°C which removes another key player in the fire triangle – heat. This prevents the creation of free radicals and flammable vapours.

There is no residue left by this extinguisher, making it the ideal option for delicate electronic equipment such as servers and general office use.  However, at very close ranges there is a risk of ‘thermal shock’ to delicate PCB’s due to its cold discharge temperature.

CO2 Extinguishers should be handled with respect. The canisters store pressure of around 51 bar (740psi), meaning it can be lethal if damaged.  During discharge, keep your hands away from the discharge horn as this can become extremely cold and cause serious frost burns.  After use, ensure the area is well ventilated to allow the gas to disperse.

ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

This is a very effective and versatile method of fighting fire, and when used knocks down the flames and on burning solids melts to form a skin, inhibiting the supply of oxygen and smothering the fire.

The major drawback in using this type of extinguisher is the mess factor. The extremely fine dust can spread everywhere, covering everything and can be difficult to clean up – sometime causing more damage than the fire itself. When inhaled it can also be mildly irritant.

Despite this is has some admirable properties and is ideal for vehicles, boats, warehouses, plant rooms, workshops and building sites.

Foam Fire Extinguisher

Aqueous Film Forming Foam is one of the most commonly used mediums by the fire brigade for dealing with fuel fires. As the name suggests, in coming into contact with a burning liquid the agent forms a blanket over the burning substance – therefore extinguishing the fire by removing its oxygen source, while the liquid cools the fire. This helps to prevent flashbacks through removing two elements of the fire triangle and inhibiting the automatic production of free radicals.

It is an effective and versatile method of fire fighting, combining the effects of the water, water spray and foam into one unit. It is often recommended for office use alongside a CO2 extinguisher – this means that all likely fire risks are safely covered.

Water Fire Extinguisher

Water is the oldest known method of extinguishing fire, and is still as effective as it ever was! Its use is limited to most burning solids, including wood, paper, textiles and other carbonaceous materials.

Water fire extinguishers tackle the fire by cooling the burning materials below the level of heat required of spontaneous combustion.   This fact has an added benefit in that it helps to prevent flashbacks – this is when although the fire seems to be extinguished, the residual heat is sufficient to re-ignite the fire.

Water Additive Extinguishers – MAKING WATER WETTER!

One of the key issues when using water as a fire fighting medium is that it can take some time to absorb into the material, the water just sitting on the surface of the fuel as opposed to soaking in – therefore reducing it effectiveness.

The additive in the Water Additive fire extinguisher serves to reduce the surface tension of the water, which makes the water softer making it soak into the material much quicker. This increases the effectiveness of the water, cooling and damping down the burning substance at a much faster rate.

This has the effect of providing a much higher fire rating than a plain water extinguisher.

Fire Extinguisher Supply, Installation & Maintenance

Almost 80% of fires are extinguished by using portable fire fighting equipment, without the intervention of the fire service.

Your fire extinguishers aren’t just doorstops or ornaments.  Every day in the UK, they are used to save lives and property from a potentially devastating fire.  In the right hands, a fire extinguisher can quickly and safety prevent a small fire from becoming an unstoppable blaze.

That’s why we only supply and install the best quality fire extinguishers.  There is lots of cheaper alternatives on the market, but we never cut corners when it comes to your safety.  Our friendly engineers are all trained and qualified to ensure that your fire fighting equipment is maintained to the highest standards.

If you’re operating in a high profile environment, you may want your fire safety to have an aesthetic impact. Why not check out our stunning Contempo range of extinguishers?  These are designed to complement the most discerning of environments.

On the other extreme, if your extinguishers are in dirty or corrosive environments, check out our robust cabinets and stands to keep them safe and ready for the instant they’re needed.

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High Profile Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are essential life safety devices.  80% of workplace fires are extinguished with portable extinguishers, without the intervention of the fire service.

However, sometimes they don’t look the best, along with the high profile decor that you’ve invested in perfecting.  Where you need to make an impact, the Contempo range of metallic finished fire extinguishers will complement your surroundings.

There is no need for the balance of beautifully designed interior spaces to be diminished with generic red extinguishers, and bulky plastic stands!

The Comtempo range is available the following metallic finishes, with stands to match!

  • Polished Silver fire extinguishers
  • Polished Gold fire extinguishers
  • Brushed Copper fire extinguishers

Other solutions we offer for high profile applications include unique ‘planter’ stands to combine your extinguishers with some interior plant life and architectural cabinets!

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