SmokeCatcher by Araani is the market-leading Video Smoke Detection System for high risk and complex detection applications

Blazequel are delighted to be official distributors of the Araani Smokecatcher Video Smoke Detection system – a video analytics based solution which facilitates ultra-fast detection of smoke in applications where it normally wouldn’t be possible with traditional smoke detection methods.

What is Video Smoke Detection?

Video Smoke Detection is a new technology, based on the algorithm based analysis of video images from a CCTV camera network.

The Araani Smokecatcher video smoke detection system system provides two key benefits. Firstly, the smoke is detected as soon as it becomes visible, which removes the lag time between smoke occurring and it reaching the detection unit (as is the case with HSSD and all other smoke detection systems).

Moreover, in viewing the CCTV camera network it allows for the immediate visual verification of a detected risk – meaning you can respond correctly without first trying to find out what caused the alarm.

Video Smoke Detection VS Thermal Imaging & Flame Detection in the Waste Recycling Industry

  • Smoke is the precursor of almost any waste storage fire in the waste recycling environment. Whilst there are certain incidents that immediately cause a flaming fire, such an aerosol or battery explosion these are typically associated with high energy activities such as shredding, which initiates this reaction.
  • A hot particle, or battery entering thermal runaway will typically start a smoky, smouldering fire before bursting into flames. Flame detection will probably not detect this. Thermal imaging will only detect it if the cameras have direct vision to the point of risk, and there is a clear heat signature from the risk. Video smoke detection can see the smoke immediately.
  • The smoky flames emitted by a recycling fire in its early stages are less suited to flame detection, as they emit relatively low levels of IR radiation.
  • Thermal imaging will detect a surface hotspot or fire. However, below 1-2 feet of depth, thermal imaging is unlikely to see a developing risk as the heat is shielded by the material above it.

Video Fire Detection – Intelligent Fault Prevention

  • The algorithms in the system are trained to differentiate between dust and steam from operations, vs smoke from a genuine fire. As the system learns, and beds into your operating environment, any issues from false alarms can be addressed by making changes to the settings as required.
  • Smoke from Vehicles and Plant Machinery can be identified as not being a fire, as Smokecatcher will associate the smoke with a moving object. During periods where it can identify operational activity and movement, it can intelligently reduce sensitivity to help prevent false alarms.
  • The signal outputs from the cameras can also be used to trigger release of the fire suppression system if required.

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