VEXPRO - the 'clean agent' fire suppression systems for vehicles and plant machinery.

VEXPRO fire suppression system totally changes the way that you can fight fires in vehicles. Instead of having a standalone system that can activate with the machine operator not even being aware of it, the VEXPRO system starts in the operators cab (in manned machines).

On activation of the detection system, the operator is instantly alerted via the in-cab controller – enabling them to stop their machine and evacuate safely, leaving the suppression system to extinguish the fire. On any umnanned machines such as shredders and screeners, the system will simply activate totally automatically.

VEXPRO also has a different approach to fighting the fire…

When activated, the system totally fills the protected area with airborne particles that prevent flames from forming – creating a condition in which the flames simply cannot exist. This results in very speedy flame knockdown and extinguishing of the fire – whatever size of fire it’s tackling.

Traditional technologies focus on trying to smother the fuel with powder or foam… However, if the fire is the result of a ruptured fuel or oil line, the constant supply of extra fuel at high pressure can swamp out the extinguishing agent and re-ignite. The Aerosol technology used in the VEXPRO fire suppression system prevents this by tackling the chemical reaction in which the fire itself exists, rather attempting to smother the fuel – sometimes an impossible task due to the sheer volume of flammable liquids being carried in plant machinery and vehicles.

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