Outdoors, high level, dusty environment... All the environments that often render conventional fire detection methods unsuitable can now be given exceptional protection, using video fire detection!

Video Fire Detection technology detects fires by examining an image from a specialist CCTV camera for signs of fire.

What is Video Fire Detection?

VFD is a revolutionary technology that works in almost any application. This includes outdoors and in areas where high ventilation renders traditional detection systems dysfunctional. Sophisticated detection software ensures that your VFD system is highly reliable and resistant to false alarms caused by your operations. Advanced customisation options during commissioning allow us to fine tune the system around your unique requirements. Therefore, we can set different detection parameters to areas that potentially cause false alarms due to processes taking place.

Insurance companies are becoming increasingly aware of the improved protection offered by using VFD. At times some will offer substantial reductions in insurance premiums in applications where VFD systems have been installed.

Depending upon your requirements and application, you can have just flame detection, flame and smoke detection or flame, smoke and thermal imaging detection. We can assist you in choosing the best solution for your requirements. To ensure you get a solution that exactly meets your own unique requirements contact us today.

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