Water Mist - the ONLY Fire Extinguisher you need!

The most versatile fire extinguisher ever, the Water Mist Fire Extinguisher can fight almost any fire you will find in your workplace or home.  For most people, it’s the only fire extinguisher you’ll ever need! Available in 1lt, 3lt and 6lt sizes it packs well above its punch when fighting almost any fire, and has proven its efficiency in tests by the LPCB, FIA and BSI.

The Water Mist Fire Extinguisher can fight almost every fire that most people will ever encounter – from electrical equipment, right through to the notoriously dangerous chip pan fires – Water Mist does it all! The secret lies behind patented technology that emits the water as a fine mist – enveloping and smothering the fire while also absorbing the heat from the fire – giving a cooling effect to prevent re-combustion.

Within this versatility lies a cost effective solution to your requirements, with an extinguisher that ticks all the boxes, saving you money both now and in the long term… Contact us today for more information and to discuss how the water mist fire extinguisher could make you and your colleagues safer!

Top 5 Benefits of the Water Mist Fire Extinguisher:

  • One fire extinguisher for every type of fire fighting risk you are like to encounter. This simplifies maintenance requirements, asset management and most importantly, fire training procedures – your staff know they only need to be competent with one extinguisher, that can safety tackle any fire they may come across!
  • ‘Dry’ Water Mist Technology – the water mist concept is that it leaves little to no collateral damage in its wake. On entering the fire zone the mist evaporates, taking heat away from the fire while forming a water curtain around the fire, suppressing it through oxygen starvation.
  • Clean agent extinguisher – the Water Mist Fire Extinguisher is Environmentally friendly, free from any chemicals or additives and is therefore harmless to humans. This makes it a particularly attractive option for clean room environments and the food production industries. This also makes it an ideal solution for areas where the extinguisher could be abused, such as schools and other education facilities.
  • Smoke knockdown capabilities – the Water Mist Fire Extinguisher has been proven to knockdown and prevent airborne smoke particles, reducing the chances of serious smoke damage which can result in a potentially expensive cleanup operation.
  • The Water Mist Fire Extinguisher is small, highly portable and proportionally packs high above its punch in fire fighting ability. This gives the clear advantage of being able to arrive at a fire scene quickly, and almost certainly with the correct extinguisher!

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