Fire Alarm & Emergtency Lighting Solutions

Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting are probably some of the most critical
life-safety assets at your facility, so it’s essential that your systems are fit for purpose.

At Blazequel we can maintain almost any existing fire alarm system, and provide a full design, installation and commissioning service for repairs, upgrades and new installations.

You need a reliable fire safety partner with excellent communications, rapid response times and a solid reputation to ensure that your business is kept safe and to avoid disruption through false alarms or inconvenient service procedures. When working with Blazequel, you’ll always find someone ready to help at the other end of the phone to help with your requirements or any questions you may have.

Check out the options below or call us on 01234 357357 to discuss your application and requirements in more detail.

Fire Alarms for Offices, Retail...
Fire Alarms for Waste Recycling
Fire Alarms for Factories /...
Fire Alarms for Warehouses
HSSD System
Fire Alarms for Server Rooms...