Fire Alarms for Offices, Retail & Indoor Environments

Offices, Retail and Indoor Applications are amongst the easiest to protect, with a clean environment reducing the risk of false alarms.  However, every application is unique and at Blazequel we specialize in ensuring that your fire alarms are unobtrusive, yet effective and easy to maintain.

We specialize in working around your requirements and operations to ensure that installation and maintenance of your fire detection systems are hassle free and non-disruptive.

Below we have summarized some of the most common fire alarm applications for offices or retail environments.

Possible Fire Alarm Solutions for your Application:

  • Point Detectors are ideal for these applications. They are low cost and are easily maintained. Make sure you use heat detectors in the kitchen areas, otherwise you’ll get a false fire alarm if someone burns the toast!
  • Beam Detectors are a great choice for offices with high ceilings and atrium’s in shopping centers. However, you need to consider how easily they can be maintained as high level access is rarely convenient if required in these applications.
  • HSSD (High Sensitivity Smoke Detection) is an ideal choice for offices and retail applications. It can be unobtrusively installed so as to be virtually invisible which makes it very suitable for high profile environments. It’s easy to maintain and will detect a fire very swiftly which is ideal in high level atrium areas, where the air-movement patterns can disrupt the movement of smoke for conventional fire detection systems (stratification).
  • Video Fire Detection systems are ideal for large areas / atrium’s. It is ideal for high level areas where the time for smoke to reach a conventional ceiling-mounted detector would allow the fire to develop to a dangerous level. A massive bonus of video fire detection is the ability to ‘see’ the incident on the live video from the camera which means that you can instantly begin the correct and most effective response to an incident.