Fire Alarms for Server Rooms & Sensitive Areas

”75% of companies that suffer a major data loss fail within 3 years.”

Where you have high value, or operations-critical items onsite you need to be certain you can detect a fire as quickly as possible. Fire Alarms for Server Rooms & Sensitive Areas may be the solution.  Although any fire detection system will pick up a fire ‘sooner or later’, you can’t afford to wait for an inadequate system to activate!  Every second that a fire if left undetected can increase the chance of company downtime or a catastrophic data loss.

HSSD (High Sensitivity Smoke Detection) is by far the most suitable solution for highly sensitive applications.  It can detect a fire in the insipient stage before combustion even begins, and it o. Also, it will notice even the tiniest particles of smoke.  Point type smoke detectors are the next best choice. However, point type detectors are  not so suitable for areas with high air flow.

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A Swedish supplier of ours once did a simple test in the server room of a major European bank.  

With all the air-conditioning turned off, they created a scenario that simulated a electrical cable overheating.  In the still air, the small amount of smoke created by the melting cable insulation was immediately visible.  The air-conditioning was then turned on and the test repeated.  Although the test was identical, virtually no smoke was visible due to the high level of air movement taking place.

This highlights the fact that HSSD is by far the most effective investment for protecting server room applications – in the application mentioned above, point type detectors wouldn’t have spotted the fire until it was too late (HSSD is up to 100x more sensitive than point-type smoke detectors).

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We strongly recommend considering an automatic fire suppression system for protecting high value areas of your facility.  Please call us on 01234 357357 to discuss your requirements, or email for more information!