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Stratification – A matter of height

Stratification is a largely unknown issue, but affects any high level building.  Roof-mounted fire detection units can be rendered almost useless in the face of this phenomenon.  Smoke can form and fires can grow without activating ceiling-mounted detection systems, until a point when it is too late for any action to be effective.

This happens when the thermal ‘lift’ of the smoke is not sufficient to break through a warm layer of air gathered in the roof void.  Instead, the smoke just flattens out below the roof – too low for the ceiling-mounted detection to sense it as seen in the picture above.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case.  Blazequel are now offering an exciting new solution to the problem.  The Video Smoke Detection solution, SmokeCatcher:

  • Covers large areas of floor space with a single camera
  • Is unrivalled in its effectiveness of smoke detection
  • Detects unique smoke patterns using detailed analytical software
  • Streams live colour footage back to controllers PC allowing visual verification of incident
  • Can be used alongside and possibly incorporated into the existing CCTV security system
  • Has proven ability to detect smoke in 10-60 seconds of it being visible from ground level
  • ‘Learns’ the behaviour of mobile plant and people so doesn’t cause false alarms due to vehicle fumes or dust clouds
  • Is very robust in order to cope with extremely harsh environments (e.g. waste management sites)

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