Cooker Hood Fire Suppression

A kitchen fire can spread with incredible speed through your extract ducting. Protect yourself with the PAFSS KitchenGuard.

When a fire starts in the cooker hood a commercial or industrial kitchen, you need to act with lightning speed. Otherwise, you could find the fire not just spreading within the kitchen, but leaping up into your extract ducting and spreading throughout the entire building within just minutes.

Additionally, you need to remember that a kitchen fire can be the most dangerous fire of all.  If you’re dealing with a burning pan of oil or a fryer fire, you need to ensure you fight it with the correct extinguishing agent.  Using water will create a potentially lethal fireball.

When you install a Kitchen Fire Suppression System, you know that you’ve taken action to protect your property and your colleagues.  With both automatic and manual release options, the suppression system will detect a fire then discharge to protect the cooker hood, the primary extract ducting and extinguish the fire on the cooker/ovens below.

PAFSS KitchenGuard is an innovative, reliable and cost effective fire suppression solution for these applications.

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