Thermal Imaging – Early Warning Fire Detection

Early Warning Fire Detection, for all types of bulk storage, waste recycling and process control applications.

Thermal Imaging allows you to spot a fire risk, long before its even started to emit smoke or flames.

This is an invaluable feature for high risk industries, such as bulk storage of flammable materials such as coal or biomass, and the waste recycling industry where self-heating and spontaneous combustion is a ever-present danger.

Through proactive monitoring of the temperature of your material stockpiles, thermal imaging will allow you to identify excessive temperature hotspots, or a sudden rate of risk in temperature which could indicate a potential fire risk.  This allows you to take the necessary action to deal with the emerging risk before it develops into a fire.

Clever algorithms and technology built into the software will allow it to identify between hotspots caused by operational activity (such as plant machinery with hot exhaust manifolds) and the hotspots caused by a genuine fire hazard.

That’s not the only application for our thermal imaging camera range either.  Our sophisticated solution can be used for process control monitoring on cement kilns, steel production and other quality control applications.

If your thermal imaging system detects a fire, it can raise multiple levels of pre-alarm, and raise the risk alarm or activate a fire suppression or water cannon system to engage the identified risk immediately.

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