Video Smoke Detection for Warehousing

Video Smoke Detection is ideal for the protection of high-roofed logistics depots, where the extreme elevation of the ceiling heights means that roof-mounted fire detection systems are unsuitable.

At roof heights above 7-10 metres, ceiling mounted smoke detection such as point type, beam or aspirating detectors may be unsuitable. This is due to a phenomenon called ‘Stratification’, which is where the smoke hits a layer of warmer air in the roof void which prevents it from rising further. Instead, the smoke just flattens out on this thermal layer, never reaching the ceiling mounted detectors.

Video smoke detection is able to ‘see’ the smoke at its source, without the time lag spent waiting for the rising smoke to (hopefully) activate a high level detection system.

Additionally, video smoke detection enables you to use the CCTV footage to immediately identify and verify a detected risk – saving you valuable seconds in your response to a fire alarm.

Blazequel are UK & Ireland agents for the Araani Smokecatcher system.

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