Video Smoke Detection in MSW Hall (Real Fire Incident)

This video shows a real fire incident which was detected at a waste recycling facility by video smoke detection, outside of the facilities operational hours.

Remarkably, the fire detected wasn’t even in the same building as the video smoke detection (VSD), but was in an adjoining area. The area where the fire started was protected by flame detectors, but these did not activate.

The key difference between VSD and Flame detection is that a flame detector will not detect smoke. Until the fire has developed into a flaming incident, a flame detector will not detect it, whereas video smoke detection will detect smoke almost immediately.

As a smoky, smoldering pre-combustion stage is typical of waste recycling fires, it is very important to ensure that your fire detection systems are really suitable for your risk areas, and the type of material stored onsite.

Additional benefits of video smoke detection include the ability to immediately verify the detected risk by viewing the CCTV footage, and the ability of VSD to survive in harsh operating conditions where most smoke detection is unsuitable.

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