Water Mist Fire Extinguisher Video

The only extinguisher you'll ever need, capable of fighting almost every fire in the workplace.

The Water Mist Fire Extinguisher is a revolution in portable fire fighting.  It’s able to fight fires in flammable solids (Class A fires), flammable liquids (Class B fires), fires involving electrical equipment (Class E fires) and cooking fat (Class F fires).

Due to this remarkable list of fire categories, the Water Mist fire extinguisher is the only extinguisher you’ll ever need.  It can remove the requirement for having multiple different kinds of extinguisher in your workplace.

It’s also been proven at extinguishing gas fires (Class C) but there isn’t a safety listing for this category for safety reasons.  If you have a Class C fire, just evacuate and don’t risk trying to tackle it!

Using pure water, the Water Mist fire extinguisher leaves none of the residue commonly associated with fire extinguishers.

It extinguishes the fire by breaking the water into a fog of tiny droplets.  The enormous surface area created by this fog of water droplets swiftly absorbs the heat away from the fire – this breaks the ‘feedback loop’ of the fire.

Simultaneously, the water fog, and the resulting steam as the water evaporates displaces the oxygen from around the fire, smothering the flames by starving them of oxygen.

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